About Rule34

100% nonprofit, 100% community-run
The stakers of RTF will have the power to vote in a platform where digital content creators are going to have full control over their intellectual property by tokenizing their creations using the Ethereum Blockchain. This will be made possible by a voting system turning every RTF holder a notary.

RTF is built with the creator in mind, as it seeks to empower artists by providing them with a platform that they can depend on to generate sustainable revenues for their work if they want to.



Diva. She is the sexy furry cat that founded rule34.tech alongside The Furry dev Collective.

She could be described as the fusion of Alexa and Jeff Bezos but in Rule 34 world.

She is to Rule 34 what Satoshi Nakamoto is to Bitcoin.

Why Choose Us?


Rule 34 has the ability to handle fast responses even at concurrent requests because it is powered by the Ethereum.org Blockchain.

Safe  & Secure

Rule 34 provides peace of mind when it comes to the safe storage of your digital properties.

Community driven

RTF holders will have full control of the platform and will authorize any changes before the proposals can be implemented

Value Proposition

The stakers of RTF will have the power to vote in a really wonderful platform where digital content creators are going to have full control over their intellectual property by tokenizing their creations using our Rule 34 Protocol powered by Ethereum Blockchain.

To ensure that the token owner is the real owner of the property, we will have a voting system which will enable stakers to vote on bans for fraudulent Ethereum wallet addresses and ENS domains to give a warning to the address owner asking to transfer the goods for the original creator. To really take things on another level of ethics plenitude we will also have a system to vote on the permaban for fraudulent addresses and voting spammers. The RTF tokens held by permabanned accounts are going to be burned and distributed to RTF Stakers.


All run by the Rule 34 community.

ICO will happen in 3 phases

1) 25% of total remaining tokens;
2) 15% of total remaining tokens;
3) 10% of total remaining tokens.
It will be made like that to increase the distribution of the tokens to different furry lovers.

Listing on UniSwap

The founders will create a liquidity pool and list it as soon as the pre-sale starts.


Liquidity mining on Uniswap, Those with the most RTF will have more Voting Power in the consensus system and will also receive more burned tokens.

Voting with RTF Token

Each RTF unit = 1 voting power. Voters will receive burned tokens proportional to its stake

RTF Token Details

Our initial coin offering will run till the soft cap reached. Full details of the RTF can be found within the platform.

Rule 34 Token Name
RTF Ticker
34,000,000,000 TOTAL TOKEN SUPPLY
1 ETH = 34000000 RTF Token Price
Jan 08 Sale Start
Start on February 1st ICO and airdrops

Token Distribution

  • Diva and the Furry Dev Collective 34%
  • Airdrops 33%
  • Token sale 33%


With help from our team, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieving.


Below we’ve provided a bit of Rule 34, RTF Token, cryptocurrencies, and few other frequently asked questions. If your don’t find what your are looking for, please get in touch via the contact form below.

Rule 34 is part of the Internet Rules, a meme which says “There is porn of it. No exceptions”. Since 2003, millions of fan artists submitted an image of something being sexy. Whoever addresses that post any child pornography will be banned and its RTF stack will be burned and distributed to RTF stakers.

You can use Ethereum (ETH) to buy RTF.

It's very easy, just click on the BUY Token button on the website and enjoy buying by fulfilling the process using your MetaMask Ethereum Wallet. Enter desired RTF amount, connect MetaMask wallet when the popup window asks for it and send us your ETH payment. Your RTF will be sent to the same Ethereum wallet public address used for it.

Tokens are burned when an intellectual property squatter is reported to the Furry Police and then will begin a vote to change those properties to the real creator. The former owner will lose all its RTF funds which will be “burned” and RTF owners will receive RTF “air drops” when it happens. It is an incentive to staking. Another way to burn tokens is when a voting process is initiated. It will cost a value in RTF that will be set by the community using its voting power.

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